Friday, July 30, 2010

When You Inherit a Green Couch with an Orange Shag Carpet…Make it work

We have all been there at some-point in our lives, if you haven’t then count yourself lucky. Whether you are just starting out, or just starting over sometimes you don’t have the luxury of choosing your furnishings. I’m talking about those occasions where you end up with someone else’s hand-me-down furnishings. What would you do if you inherited a shag orange carpet and a green couch and throwing them out isn’t an option?

Here is what I think…if you have no other choices, then you might as well embrace it. Think creatively about the elements you have and what they bring to mind. What you are doing when you go through this mental exercise is that you are developing a theme for your room...A theme that is based on your experiences and interests. So, for example…when I think of green and orange together I think Florida Gators....the IZOD alligators on polo shirts…Paul Gauguin and his visions of Tahiti…or even early 1970’s (anyone remember harvest golds and avocado greens?).

Let’s go with my personal favorite of the themes I thought of a moment ago…Paul Gauguin/Tahiti. I would probably pick up a poster print of Paul Gauguin’s “Deux Thaitiennes Accroupiees” and at first just frame it with an inexpensive poster frame. Later I when I have the spare change I might invest in having it professionally matted and framed.

Then I would pick up some orange and white Hawaiian print fabric and some foam pillow forms from either e-bay or the local arts and crafts store and make some pillows (really it is not that hard – you can even hand sew them).  On another wall (because most rooms have four walls) I might do a montage with a sisal welcome mat with some flip flops glued to it.  Perhaps I could mount an accompanying a boogie board (I can’t surf but I can boogie board) next to it and oh and while I am at it I might just hang a Hawaiian lei off it too.

Hmmm...I could get a few silk palm plants of various heights and flank my "Homage to Tahiti" montage I just created by placing them in the corners of my room (place an up-light behind them for visual interest). Put some bamboo roman shades on the windows and my room is starting to come together as I add design elements that pertain to my theme.  It’s not difficult once you start associating colors with your interests and experiences. Go ahead, give it a try…

Design a room that is uniquely you!
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