Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween - Show off Invite

Have you noticed the leaves blowing across the road as you commute to work?

Whoa now...take a deep breath...I can feel your anxiety growing.  Yes, it is that time of year...  Fall.  Autumn.  Harvest. Samhain.  The colors of Autumn are like no other, clay reds and rich golds strike a contrast against cerulean blue skies. The bounty of a harvest, eye candy for the mind, it is why we venture out with our parkas to take in this breathtaking season.

Like my grandfather and Yeats, some of you see this season as an ending, a reminder that the promise of summer has expired.  But...Autumn is inspiring, invigorating, and full of the promise of holidays yet to come. 

It all starts with Halloween. Spooky and Spectacular, Halloween embodies and kicks off the season of Autumn.  How will you decorate your home for the season?

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