Friday, July 23, 2010

Decorating challenge – Lime green and Purple Bedroom for a Teenager!

My children love to challenge me. Sometimes this can irritate me to no end, especially during those instances when “Because, I said so” is the only answer that will end the constant haranguing. Other times though, they can come up with a challenge that is well…challenging, but fun.

My children have grown up with my penchant for constantly re-designing and decorating our rooms and have adjusted quite well to the never ending furniture re-arrangements. At this point, I do believe they have turned it into a game called…Let’s Stump Mom!

My daughter approached me one day and asked if I could design and furnish a green and purple room for her birthday. Whoa…green and purple…together?!? I ask because I am a little uncertain if she is serious…it turns out she was serious and a little curious if I could manage to make these very particular colors work together.

So I pull out my “Home Pallet Book” (which is a sketch book with all my decorating thoughts and paint swatches) and I ask myself am I currently using green or purple? Hmmmm…no purple, but we do have a small amount of green, and I begin thinking hey…I might be able to pull this off. So we head over to the local paint store. On the way we discuss how she wants her room to look. I get the typical teenager response, I just want it to look really, really cool.

That’s not a lot to go on…so I decide to focus on just her color selections first. To my surprise, we settle on a brilliant yellow green that compliments the soft yellow that is predominate in our home. As we are moving the furniture away from the walls, inspiration strikes. My daughter’s furniture was handed down to us from a grandmother and is circa 1960 in styling. I start thinking retro, then Woodstock, and hippies…out comes the sketch book and viola! Two coats and many assurances of “trust me”, we completed the paint job. With less than a month to go before the big “B-day” I start searching online for all the accessories I need to bring the vision to life. One black light, a new bed set, beaded curtains and some groovy lamps later…we had one cool room for a teenager.

I am happy to say that my daughter was pleased, and that I have future orders to come decorate her home when she is all grown up.


Maria N said...

you answerd my post on yahoo answers..thanks but the bedding you chose was over $800 for the comforter..Can you find something less than $400,perhaps when you have more time? I really like that "new york blis" art poster and I have some other bedding picked out if you want to look at them and chose 1 you think would go or if you can't find one of out them pick your own? but I simply can't afford more than $400,thanks for your help my email is if you would email me,if u decide to help further and say you are brunetta or something so I know who you are.

Maria N said...

I mean $400 max for the whole set..

Brunetta said...

I am happy to help it's what I do!
I have included some selections from some of my online shopping sources and created a page here just for you. (Click on the Maria N link once you reach the page)

These selections are considerably less...and you can place your order right from the page if you want.

I also remember that you were looking for a few other accessories...If you want me to source a few more items for you to consider for you room, just let me know and I will add them to your personalized page.
Be bold, be brave and be uniquely you!
Cheryl (Brunetta)