Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don’t forget the walls

Living rooms/Family rooms are aptly named; no other room in the house gets as much “face time” as a living room. These rooms (generally equipped with conformable seating arrangements, a TV, and audio system) are designed to entertain guests, watch movies or your favorite TV shows, perhaps play games with the family or simply hang out with the family and relax.

Many an hour and dollar are invested in picking out the perfect entertainment system, comfy furniture for these rooms, but sometimes you can forget an important feature…your walls.

Walls should do more than define the confines of a space; they deserve to be the space where you express yourself. Are you an antique lover? Consider one family I know that loved to spend their weekends visiting antique shops and picking up old farm implements because it reminded them of their roots. These antiques were prominently displayed in groupings on each of the walls of their living rooms. Focus was brought to each of the groupings by artfully placing rough sawn oak paneling in-between the displays. When this family entertained, guests invariably had a comment or question about the antiques, and thus a lively and fascinating conversation would ensue.

Another you can think about walls beyond the background of your room is to express a theme for a room on the walls. In the picture below, the owner of this room decided to express her love of travel. The long 17 foot wall was the perfect canvas to express her homage to places she had been and places she planned on going. A trip to the local arts and crafts store resulted in a procurement of 8 posters featuring vistas of Ireland; Sydney, Australia; Venice, Italy; Athens, Greece; Paris, France; San Francisco, California; New York, New York; and even the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Inexpensive poster frames were bought and within an hour the long blank wall was transformed. 

Are your walls a blank canvas with too much white space or have you painted an intriguing picture for your guests contemplate?

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