Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thinking About Going Green - Off-Grid Green Living Center

Happy New Year!
At the end of December, I wrote about my resolutions for 2011. I was so inspired by the idea of sharing information with you about local Richmond, VA businesses and organizations that pertain to hearth and home that I impulsively stopped by a location on Monday evening called the Off-Grid Green Living Center

Boy, oh boy! I am I happy and excited that I took the initiative and stopped by because the local area is really going to benefit as this organization continues to take off and grow.

Note: I am not affiliated with Off-Grid Green Living Center the opinions expressed here about the organization are my own.

There is simply so much to tell you about what Off-Grid Green Living Center has to offer the local area that I scarcely know where to begin. So I think I will start off small and create an ongoing series of postings as I get to know the people behind scenes and learn more about the Off-Grid Green Living Center at 11010 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, VA.

First off, the Off-Grid Green Living Center is more than a retail storefront for unique sustainable building products and solar energy kits that you simply cannot get at the local big box stores. They also are home to the Virginia Renewable Energy School which provides training and classes that prepares professionals transitioning into “green” jobs for NABCEP certification. Some of the graduates of the courses then work for Solar Trackers USA which is another division of Off-Grid Green Living Center that sells and installs renewable energy systems in and around the local area.
(There are some pictures of installs on their website - so go check them out here)

But what I am most excited about is the Green Living Education Center of Virginia which is a non-profit resource of information on renewable energy and sustainable green living.

Phase I (now open)  is the indoor renewable energy center in the Log Cabin building. I spoke briefly with Charles Bush while I was there and he explained that there is an interactive media center with two mini-IMAX theaters, a classroom-style education area with hands on demonstrations and learning sessions.
(hint - one pertains to the power of wind - and sounds like a lot of fun).

These learning sessions are conducted by people experienced in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable green living. Charles is very friendly and enthusastic about their future plans and took the time to show me some of the blue prints for future projects they have for developing the outdoor area to be kid friendly and really, really cool.  This underscores my opinion that the Off-Grid Green Living Center’s most valuable assets are their family friendly and personable personnel who are happy to provide answers to all your questions about everything that is “green”! 

So if you are in the area, you might want to take the opportunity to stop in, speak with Charles, take a look around and get excited!

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